Michal Frenkel - Illustration, Animation, Design
Selected Anims...
Numi numi

Project for HOP! & Luli TV channels. Brosh Productions © All rights reserved

Click here to watch 'Numi numi'.

Click to watch 'Numi numi'
Happy New Year!

Created on December 2008, with great success on Youtube and other domains. Total time: 55 seconds.

Click here to watch 'Happy New Year!'.

Click to watch 'Happy New Year!'
Shana Tova

Created on Sept. 2005, as a mutual initiative with Ynet communities.

Click here to watch 'Shana Tova'.

Click to watch 'Shana Tova'
former michalfrenkel.com

My former only-Flash-website/online portfolio (created on Dec. 2006). Feel free to walk around.

Click here to watch former 'michalfrenkel.com'.

Click to watch former 'michalfrenkel.com'
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